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A-rt Mention | Art Real Time

The Aix en Provence School of Art now offers students the opportunity to complete a Masters in A-RT (Art in Real Time).

The Masters in A-RT integrates Hypermedia, 3D, Sound and Mechatronics. Working around an artistic thought, a common link/thread is found between the subjects that allows us to question and implement the concept of information flow.

The course is interested in variable, renewable or dependent forms and practices, for which the result is on a fixed entry point and evolving data .
Examples include generative computing processes , or interactivity , and may also include other techniques and practices, such as even a drawing activity could be considered if we recognise the process as more important than the result.

In general , the course is interested in artistic fields which, whatever techniques or modalities used , consider and implement work processes that generate the specific stages in the artistic process.

The A-RT course is based on a series of workshops and theoretical lessons which make the student think and use the media as they are generating new forms.

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