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Programme Phase

During the Programme Phase (second and third year), after exploring a wide variety of subjects, the student chooses specific art training, in keeping with the school’s project (interdisciplinary approach and digital arts). By the third year the students will have acquired a sense of critical independence; thus the humanities classes give way to seminars and themed-study weeks. Similarly, the students will have reached a point in their technical and artistic training where they are able to take part in specialized workshops and projects, both individually and in groups, as well as carrying out personal research. The projects set up during the Programme Phase are examined through individual meetings with artists, teachers or visiting lecturers in the student’s studio-space.

The students receive a certificate at the end of their second year (certificate d’études d’arts plastiques: CEAP)

The third year ends with the DNAP (National Diploma of Visual Arts) exam.
The DNAP is a level II diploma which allows students to start the following (second) cycle of art studies. It also allows students to enter university through a transfer of credits or to enrol for the CAPES (Secondary school teaching diploma) in Visual Art.

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