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Project Phase

Within the framework of the Project Phase (fourth and fifth years), the students develop an individual or group art project. The organization of their research and creative work is more flexible. However, the fourth year students are required to attend workshops and modules, to improve their English and to take part in seminars as well as the Research and Creation Workshops (ARC). The fourth year is also one of mobility, with each student generally spending one semester studying art at a foreign institution. There is also a rich programme of lectures and meetings, as well as workshop discussions involving the staff and the students’ tutor. The students receive an advanced certificate at the end of their fourth year (certificate d’études supérieures d’arts plastiques: CESAP)

At the end of the fifth year students go forward for the DNSEP (Advanced National Diploma of Visual Arts). The DNSEP is a level I diploma, which allows students to enter postgraduate research programmes, at universities and art schools, or to enrol for the Agrégation (to qualify as a teacher in a lycée or higher education establishment).

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