Teaching - A-rt Mention | Art Real Time -

The course A-RT

The course is part of an internal framework within the school which unites digital technology workshops rather than replacing them.

The student who registers in this option A-Rt must choose one of the four workshops as a permanent workshop, and represent it in the Real Time seminar .

This takes place in an open setting in the school , a melting pot of ideas contributing to the creation of art .


As part of his training the student is required to spend part of his 4th year studying or working abroad.

At the beginning of the year, the student works together with their teachers to carve their own study path, and from which they will be evaluated.
Assessment will take into account :
• The existence and relevance of the artistic approach
• The abililty to work on your own
• The exploratory nature of the work
• The ability to work with others on a work placements

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