Teaching - A-rt Mention | Art Real Time -

The system

The course provides a rich learning platform with various artistic and scientific partners, where the student can gain valuable hands on experience.

These are :

- Artistic and cultural operators who organise creative residencies:

• m2F Creations ( Gamerz festival )
• Second Nature ( Digital Arts and territories)
• GmEm ( Experimental music Group marseille )

- Places of learning and research

• IméRA ( mediterranean Institute for Advanced Research )
• Astram ( Audiovisual and multimedia Research)
• The mining School of Engineering, Gardanne
• Studio Lentigo ( College of Art and Design, marseille)
• ENSP ( National School of Photography) via Obs’In (Observatory of Digital Image creation)

Students are required to follow and engage in a number of meetings, work placements and workshops . This network extends to partners on national and international levels.

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