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Topics covered

The Aix en Provence School of Art has more that 20 years experience working in the techno digital domain and can offer its specialised experience combining and cooperating between all subjects. Disciplinary research is at the heart of what the school does, with each seperate department working in close cooperation with the other.


Douglas Edric Stanley
Guillaume Stagnaro
Grégory Pignot

3D and Virtual Environments

Ricardo Garcia


François Parra Rémi Coupille

mECHATRONICS (mechanics, Electronics and Robotics)

France Cadet
Jean-Pierre mandon
Laurent Costes
Christophe Blancard

The seminar Real Time is at the cross point of artistic, practical and theoretical workshops. This is a monthly meeting that allows the student to present their work in progress to other students, teachers and guest artists. This collective environment allows the participant to get feedback of their own work .

All the theoretical classes, seminars and thematic weeks are coordinated by Jean Cristofol and are open to all students in the school.

The school also works closely with, and shares a Research Unit with the Art audio LOCUS SONUS in the Bourges School of Art. Their researchers and scientific director, Peter Sinclair work in cooperation with our school and specifically on the A-RT masters.

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